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Safe health care is a goal of all Vendors and an expectation of the public. To achieve this, healthcare facilities (HCFs) need to have a system in place to confirm a Vendor’s credentials and regularly review their level of credentialing. This protects both consumers and the treating Vendors. Healthcare facilities (HCFs) are required to appoint Vendors who are suitably experienced, trained and qualified to practice in a competent and ethical manner in accordance with service needs and organisational capability.

Vendor credentialing is the process of establishing the qualifications of Vendors and assessing their background and legitimacy. Healthcare providers may utilise Vendor credentialing as a primary criterion to manage the access of Vendors to healthcare facilities in general, and/or to certain restricted clinical areas.

Vendors are to provide an attestation that each of the Vendor’s Healthcare Industry Representatives and Service Providers (HCIRs) who calls on a Healthcare Facility (HCF), to supply goods or services and whose role (as defined in the Australian Standard Vendor Credentialing for Healthcare facilities AS 5182:2018 (AS 5182:2018)) requires certification.

To meet the requirements of AS 5182:2018, companies and individuals need to provide evidence, where it is appropriate, of:

  • Positive identification
  • Compliance with a relevant industry or association code of ethics
  • Competency relevant to the goods, services and information supplied including related safety requirements
  • Compliance with privacy and personal data protection requirements
  • Compliance with hand hygiene practices
  • Up-to-date immunisation status
  • Compliance with requirements specific to HCF restricted areas
  • Absence of criminal record for persons working/coming in contact with vulnerable persons, if required by the HCF and as per HCF’s risk assessment.

Credentialing and scope of Vendors are key elements in ensuring the safety of consumers in HCFs. The objective is to ensure that only Vendors who are suitably experienced, trained and qualified to work in a competent and ethical manner can work in HCFs. An HCIR’s level of credentialing is based on the individual HCIR’s skills, knowledge, performance and professional suitability in keeping with the needs and service capability of the Vendor.


Purchase Australian Standard Vendor Credentialing for Healthcare facilities AS 5182:2018 here

Many of our Members are having issues with Vendor Credentialing and several companies are being required to comply with onerous third party company management to allow their Service and Sales People access to the participating hospitals.

IVD Australia has written a letter for Members to send to hospitals that are requiring credentialing. The letter outlines how the representatives of IVD Australia members are a much lower risk than other contractors. It stresses the point that membership of IVD Australia gives your customers confidence that your company operates with an accepted Australian Code of Conduct.
An editable copy of the letter has also been sent to all Authorised Representatives, in which the name of the stakeholder can be inserted.

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