In addition to providing a range of support services for its members, Pathology Technology Australia pursues a strategy of raising the awareness of the clinical and cost utility of diagnostics in the provision of effective healthcare across Australia.

The purpose of the Pathology Technology Australia Advocacy Agenda is to contain, in one document, our high level political needs and aspirations. The strategic framework described in an Advocacy Agenda provides a statement of commitment to provision of a coherent, synergistic approach to sustainable growth in the Pathology Technology Industry in Australia. It is a statement of prioritised areas needing action in order to grow a sustainable, vibrant, and compliant industry.

Advocacy on behalf of the Pathology Technology industry is a major part of the activities undertaken by Pathology Technology Australia as it seeks to influence policy regarding the importation, regulation, reimbursement and market access for pathology technology. To this end the Association is active in Government reviews and in regular meetings with key Federal and State Ministers, regulatory agencies such as the TGA, DoH and DAWR, learned societies and groups such as RCPA, AP, PPA, AIMS and AACB, and other bodies such as Standards Australia and NATA.

Consultations and Submissions are a key means of communicating the Pathology Technology industry's position on these important matters.

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