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The Know Pathology Know Healthcare campaign was started in 2013 by Pathology Awareness Australia in response to the discrepancy between the publicly perceived low value of pathology and the actual very high value of pathology to healthcare.
We believe this is the first time in the world that such diverse interests have united to promote the profession in this way.

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Pathology Technology Australia is a founding member of Pathology Awareness Australia, a group that represents interests across the entire field of pathology in Australia. This body is conducting the Know Pathology, Know Healthcare Campaign on behalf of public pathology laboratories, private pathology companies, pathology professionals and manufacturers and suppliers to industry.

Know Pathology Know Healthcare CSA

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Australia’s pathology service is the best in the world, and we want to keep it that way. Know Pathology Know Healthcare is boosting awareness that:

  • Pathology services are an essential part of almost all aspects of a patient’s healthcare
  • Pathology saves lives
  • Pathology reduces healthcare costs
  • Pathology involves doctors who are specialists, scientists and sophisticated technologies
  • Australian pathology is the best in the world


By signing up (using the form on this page), you are telling us that you value pathology. Tell us how pathology results have improved the health of you or a loved one. If you work in pathology, tell us how your work makes a difference. To stay up to date with advancements and patient stories, select the tick box and we will send you monthly newsletters.

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Advocates are the life-blood of Know Pathology Know Healthcare. From setting up stands at community health events, coordinating staff sign-up drives and sharing your personal story with local media, we rely on advocates to help us spread the word about the importance of pathology. If you are interested in taking on a more hands-on role in promoting the initiative, fill in our contact form to get in touch.


Do you work for a healthcare charity, support network, advocacy group or medical professional body that relies on pathology? We have more than 30 official supporter groups who assist us in spreading the word to their members and in media. If your organisation would like join groups such as Cancer Council, Kidney Health Australia and other existing supporters please contact us at or phone John Emmerson on 03 9982 4450

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