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TGA Press Release on Rapid Tests

Australia’s health regulator the TGA has stated: Rapid Antigen Test cancellations not due to the failure to detect the COVID-19 Omicron variant. Follow the link to view the TGA’s media release.

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Rapid Tests

Recent commentary questioning the performance of rapid antigen tests (RATs) against subvariants of Omicron is dangerously misleading and risks undermining Australia’s public health response according to Pathology Technology Australia

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Minomic MiCheck® Prostate Test now Available for Australians

Minomic International Ltd has announced their MiCheck® Prostate test for detection of aggressive prostate cancer is now available at selected Sonic Healthcare Australia Pathology laboratories. Minomic CEO Dr Brad Walsh says the availability of the test will help Australia’s urologists provide better patient care, stating that  “the use of MRI …when combined with results from…

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TGA delays the IVDR Deadline to May 2023

The European IVDR device registration changes impact IVDs manufactured in Europe. These changes bring medical device quality certification, registration into line with practices already adopted in other parts of the world (especially north America and Australia).

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Know Pathology Know Healthcare CSA

See the “#thankyou Pathology” video by KPKH below.

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International Women’s Day

Women in the workforce make up over 60  

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