Market Data Project

Pathology Technology Australia understands there is significant difficulty in obtaining accurate data about the number and dollar value of tests performed in the pathology, point of care and self-testing segments.  With this in mind a detailed Market Data Project was commenced covering the majority of tests in the segments of Clinical Chemistry, Immunoassay, Haematology, Coagulation, Molecular testing, Point of Care testing, Microbiology and Histopathology. Beneath these headline segments, data are collected in disease or functionally related categories. The data rolls up to give total numbers of tests and total dollar value at the supplier to customer level.

Members of Pathology Technology Australia submit test sales via a secure third party, who aggregates and reports the data. Members receive a dashboard with their own data compared to the total market. This is provided in a secure and confidential manner to an approved representative from the member company. Multi-factor authentication is required for all interactions with the dashboard. The dashboard enables members to manipulate and view data in many different trend and single view modes.

The Market Data Project collects data every six months and has a continuous data set going back to H2 2018.

Members who submit data can view their own data and total market data at any time. Members who do not submit data have access to the total market data at 1 year after it is released. Non-members have no access to the market data.

Major Data trends from H1


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