Member engagement

Pathology Technology Australia provides leadership, strategy, advocacy and support. Our members set our agenda, fund our activities and directly benefit from the results. With respect to the Association's work to support small business members, IVD Australia receives advice and guidance from members serving on our Board and Committees, and who attend Pathology Technology Australia Events, such as our Roadshows and Networking Briefings.


Pathology Technology Australia operates under a Board and a Committee structure that supports the work of the Board and the CEO. Additionally, ad hoc Working Groups are formed to address specific issues as submissions to Government Reviews and TGA Consultations.

Committee involvement is not a large investment of time but the returns to your business and the broader industry can be immense. If you have an interest in contributing to the development of policy that will allow your business to grow, create jobs, and operate sustainably, then get involved in a Pathology Technology Australia committee today.

Small Business/Start Ups

Small business are actively involved in providing advice and guidance to all aspects of Pathology Technology Australia's work.

Small businesses make up more than half the Pathology Technology Australia membership and their representatives hold leadership roles in the organisation on our Board of Directors, Committees and Working Groups.

Pathology Technology Australia offers services focussed on providing small business with the tools needed for them to grow, create jobs and access important services.



Join PTA to get these benefits:

  • Consultation with TGA on the IVD Framework
  • Networking opportunities for you and your staff
  • A voice for Australian manufacturers and independent distributors
  • A means of influencing the development of the IVD industry in Australia

Small Business/Start Ups

Government representation. Pathology Technology Australia relies heavily on the opinions of its small business members when briefing Ministers, their advisors and senior bureaucrats on reforms that support the IVD industry.

Market Research and Statistics. Large businesses are well positioned to assess the marketplace, however most small businesses face challenges in this area. To help level the playing field Pathology Technology Australia undertakes research on the market for IVD products through its AGDMS Project, current business conditions for suppliers and business conditions in pathology plus we have just commenced a detailed review of the current IVD environment. One of the great way that small businesses get in and make a difference is by contributing to Pathology Technology Australia’s statistical analysis of the IVD industry; empowering you to make informed choices about the future direction for your business.

Employee Skills Development. It can be hard to for small business to access affordable industry-specific training and that's where IVD Australia is great resource. The training programmes we are currently developing include Induction to the Industry, Code Compliance for Small Businesses.

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