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Pathology Technology Portraits 2022

Chief Executive Officer, Pathology Technology Australia

Dean Whiting joined Pathology Technology in March 2019. He brings his skills and experience from more than 35 years in the Pathology field. Dean is a trained Clinical Biochemist, working for 15 years in large Pathology laboratories. For the past 20 years Dean has worked in almost all Pathology disciplines and almost all roles, from Technical Specialist to General Manager.

Dean is passionate about communicating the benefits our technology delivers to patients, doctors and the healthcare economy in Australia.

Pathology Technology Portraits 2022

Executive Support, Pathology Technology Australia

Chami Gunasinghe joined Pathology Technology Australia in July 2013 in the role of executive support. Chami provides research and administrative support across a range of projects and activities, including the secretariat to the Code of Conduct Administration Committee and the Code Complaints Committee.

Chami previously worked in the Advertising and Marketing Sector for agencies, clients as well as not for profit organisations. She also has extensive experience in event management, social media and other PR related activities. Chami works in a part time capacity at Pathology Technology Australia.

Pathology Technology Portraits 2022

Manager, Member Engagement, Pathology Technology Australia

Justin Meredith joined Pathology Technology Australia in March 2022. Justin has been working in commercial roles in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry for 20 years. Justin brings a wealth of experience in relationship management, strategic partnering management and designing innovative routes to market. Justin has a passion for putting the patient at the centre of everything we do and using tactical thinking to allow the wider healthcare ecosystem access to technology thus creating optimised patient outcomes.

Pathology Technology Portraits 2022

Partner Engagement and Communications, Pathology Technology Australia

Madeline joined Pathology Technology Australia in June 2022 in a 12-month contract role focused on expanding partner engagement and communication strategies. Madeline brings over 20 years of experience in the IVD and Life Sciences industries with a strong background in Marketing, Public Relations, and Communications. Madeline has worked across a range of technical and marketing roles in small-scale start-up and scale up organisations through to multi-national companies, both in Australia and in the US.

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