Know Pathology Know Healthcare Celebrates International Pathology Day 2021

The Know Pathology Know Healthcare campaign was started in 2013 by Pathology Awareness Australia in response to the discrepancy between the publicly perceived low value of pathology and the actual very high value of pathology to healthcare. We believe this is the first time in the world that such diverse interests have united to promote the profession in this way.

Today KPKH celebrates International Pathology Day with our Legends of the Lab series. This celebrates all of those people behind the scenes who collect the samples, run the tests, interpret the results and report them out to doctors and patients all over Australia. PTA members supply about 95% of all the tests and technology these Legends use every day. Our members supply, install, train and service this technology, enabling the Legends of the Lab to do their vital work. This partnership makes pathology possible.

Click here to see our Community Service Announcement #Thankspathology

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