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Pathology technology drives the provision of high quality, accessible and affordable healthcare services.

We represent the manufacturers and importers of technologies that enables pathology testing in laboratories, hospitals and the community.

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What We do

Pathology Technology Australia Ltd is the peak industry body representing manufacturers and importers of tests and technologies, vital to testing patient samples in the pathology laboratory, in hospitals and in the primary care setting. This technology enables more than 800 million tests to be perform in Australia every year.

Our members not only develop, manufacture and supply this technology, they also train doctors and scientists in its use, provide technical specialists to service it, constantly monitor and improve quality and maintain the supply chain. In effect, we make pathology possible.

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What are the benefits of Pathology Technology Australia



Membership is open to companies that supply or intend to supply tests, technology and consumables used in the diagnosis of disease or other health conditions; to cure, mitigate, treat, monitor or prevent disease or its sequelae. This includes technical services, IT and consulting; products for sample collection, preparation and examination; products used for in-house testing, companion diagnostics and in personalised medicine. Fees are based on the company turnover of these products in Australia


Events and Services

Members enjoy a range of events and services. Events include guest speaker engagement that cover a range of topics, a special AGM event each year where members get to meet senior industry stakeholders and our quarterly Executive Breakfast Meeting. Services include a weekly CEO Update, highlighting up-to-the-minute industry new, Podcasts and social media posts and this website – where members can obtain key resources. We also offer basic training in TGA and business compliance requirements. Our market data survey is a very popular service enjoyed by almost all members. See the Events page for the latest and for registering to attend an event.



We advocate on behalf of members in many key areas of business. Our relationship with the TGA is exceptional and we work on a weekly basis to contribute to guidance documents, consulting processes and on behalf of individual members. We work with and on behalf of members in MSAC applications for MBS funding. We work with the Commonwealth and state health departments and well as key politicians and Ministers. We have cultivated relationships with key business and consumer health groups. We are now well known by most of the mainstream media outlets and contribute regularly to TV, radio, print and online services.



We are a major supporter of the Know Pathology Know Healthcare program. This globally unique program is a consortium between public and private pathology service providers, professional bodies and the suppliers. It aims to raise the profile of pathology by holding events, through an informative website, via a monthly newsletter and holding lab tours for our elected politicians. We are also a member of the Continuity of Care Collaboration, a unique communication collaboration of over 35 peak bodies, industry and healthcare organisations coming together to stress the importance of people continuing with monitoring their health status. You can follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter with this handle @pathologytechnology, and via this website.

Message from our CEO – Dean Whiting

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Unleashing the Hidden Potential of Pathology Technology Report

27 Nov 2023

At the heart of Australia’s healthcare system lies a significant opportunity to elevate innovative pathology technology and fully realise the […]

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Intergenerational Report 2023 – Opportunities for Pathology Technology and an Australian Wellness Economy

12 Sep 2023

The recent Intergenerational Report published by the Federal Government highlights the trend of Australia’s aging population and increased cost-pressures on […]

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National Action Plan Released

29 Aug 2023

We are thrilled to announce the release of the Action Plan aimed at establishing a strong domestic diagnostics manufacturing ecosystem […]

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